Accompanying and team building program ideas

Accompanying and team building program ideas

Accompanying and team building program ideas

Our hotel awaits its partners with varied and exciting program opportunities!

Upon request, we will prepare our customized offer for outdoor and indoor programs. Our qualified tourism professionals will help you to make your stay more pleasant!

Thanks to the characteristics of Szilvasvarad, visitors can choose from many special program options, to make your days at La Contessa even more enjoyable. We have selected our unique outdoor and team building program offer without the need of completeness:

Team building and experience program offers:

GPS adventure tour outdoor:

GPSs and maps to find each location where the following tasks must be completed.

  • Indian trail– in a zigzag form stretched approx. a 15m long strap, the whole team has to go through
  • Petrencerudas stepping– to make a device, to move with a companion without touching it
  • Ikarus– must use ropes and snails to move a companion through the air, who must build a tower of bricks but cannot touch the ground
  • James Bond– it is necessary to pass between cords symbolizing James Bond laser beams, but not to touch them

Country Olympics (indoor):

Weather-independent offer in the indoor riding stable. The ideal number is 20-40 people, but it can also be customized for larger groups based on an individual offer.

Game races:

  • wagon pulling
  • round bale roll or pitchfork bale barrel changer
  • wheelbarrow derailleur
  • sampling tube
  • bag running
  • relay run with rubber boots
  • throwing a pitchfork at the target
  • „Catch my egg!” skill task with chicken egg

High rope program package (outdoor):

The tasks provide an opportunity for deeper analysis and evaluation in the light of the goals and expectations.

  • Icarus – with the help of climbing ropes and snails, a companion must be moved
    in the air – not high – without touching the ground. Your task is that you need to collect certain objects in the correct order, while your eyes are blindfolded.
  • Jacob’s ladder – is the suspension of a giant ladder, on which 2 people can climb at the same time, while the companions secure them with a rope from below.
  • Getting through the Stockade – on a 4 m high stockade each participant must get through with the help of the others
  • Pole – must be climbed on a 6m high column, standing on top and catch a trapezoid. The companions insure you from below.

Let us free our companions! (outdoor-indoor):

The program can also be adapted for large teams.
Early in the morning, taking advantage of the company still resting off last night’s party fatigue, on behalf one of the competing companies professional criminals kidnapped some of the company’s employees. The reason for the incident was presumably the acquisition of trade secrets. Fortunately, the hostages managed to leave traces on which the team can start looking.

Based on clues and information received through secret channels, the team is tasked with obtaining a special vehicle, then – if you manage to identify the place of the hostages,- free them with this vehicle. Meanwhile, if hostages are not ideal and good enough, they can escape and you are able to evacuate them from the meeting point.

Moving with the Times (outdoor):

  • Laser Fight – This is a completely safe and painless realistic combat game where unlike paintball one does not have to wear protective clothing, no pain feeling, no harmful effect on the environment
  • Monster rollerblading in the Bükk – a short shuttle takes the team to the starting point, from where they arrive at their destination under the guidance of a driver
  • Offroad – a Landrover must be controlled as specified and carried along the designated track

Adventure Park station wagon program (outdoor):

Adventure Park and surroundings with 4 locations:

  • the rope courses of the adventure forest
  • Bungee trampoline
  • archery
  • wall climbing

Vineyard runs: a little fun around the grapes and wine (outdoor-indoor):

  • barrel darts find the center of the barrel!
  • stealing time wine recognition – wine tasting
  • peg
  • wine conquest – the juice of the mountain hidden in the heights must be obtained
  • Cellar labirinth – must be escape out of the dark, noble mushrooms covered cellar with many branches, (of course only figuratively)

GPS wine search (outdoor):

If you like hiking in nature, you are happy to taste the best wines of the Eger wine region, besides you don’t mind some orientation, this is a fun program for you. We hide high-quality wines in the area corresponding to the number of members of the group. At the beginning of the program is a joint energizing game, then the obstacles created during the search must also be overcome. For your search we provide 1 bottle of wine, mineral water and glasses for 4 people.

Rescue from the dragon tower (outdoor):

„To free the king’s 12 children from the Dragon Tower!” – a series of tasks strung on a story with elements of construction, problem solving, orientation and rope technology. You have to go on an expedition, get weapons along the way, find the key to the tower, then climb up the tower and free the King’s kidnapped children.

Problem – solving, team- working program elements that develop communication along the tasks.

  • guide blind companions through a dense, dark forest dotted with obstacles
  • collecting weapons for combat orientation
  • crossing the swamp
  • fight the evil forces that protect the dragon tower – laser war
  • gps navigation to the dragon tower
  • climbing the dragon tower but blindfolded, and everyone has a child to free

Excelsior! Always higher! (outdoor):

You want to experience the exciting experiences of climbing on real rocks? Then your place is here! Part of the complex program is oriented about the Bükk Holy Spirit to the Rortic Stone rocks where you have to climb a rock and then descend. Team members will be included in insurance, the descent will be carried out independently, but with insurance. About 5 hours program with Szilvasvarad transfer.

Following the cave bear ( outdoors ):

Cave Program in the Bükk Mountains on the small plateau, about 45 minutes away from Szilvásvárad, the duration of which is approx. 6 hours.
The task is to find a closed cave, which can only be visited with special permission, with the helpping guide, to walk through the cave, inside tasks. The way back also requires orientation, on the way to Dante’s inferno it is the search for a very interesting cave that has caved in. There are also 2 team building elements built into the program:

  • Amazon bridge construction straps for the team to go through
  • Indian path

„In the footsteps of Lipizzaner…” (indoor-outdoor):

Unknown culprits kidnap the most valuable stallion in szilvasvarad. The task is no less than finding and retrieving the stallion awaits the team.
While trying to find the stolen beautiful Lipizzaner stallion, the following program elements must be fulfilled:

  • crossing a poisonous swamp
  • helping a horseless caride through the swift-flowing Szalajka stream
  • island of mystery puzzles to get closer to the solution
  • get out of the maze

Extraordinary team building in the riding hall (indoor):

  • mobile courage column –
    get as high as possible by stacking crates on top of each other
  • Jacob’s ladder is the suspension of a giant ladder, on which 2 people can climb at the same time,
    while the companions secure them with a rope from below.
  • Water of Life – Team Building
  • Petrencerudas stepping – team building task

Depending on the number and expectations, other program elements can be placed, e.g. laser combat, driving, construction tasks, folk-style games.

Through the river… (outdoor):

A combined program where the team has to get to the raft building site by bike, but other tasks await them, e.g. they have to climb a backboard, they have to find a crate containing a raft construction site.

The team must build a raft of barrels and planks on the lake. The task is to collect the buoy with the raft and then unload it on the other side of the river bank with the team.

Part of the mission is also a high -rise construction. With the help of specified timbers and tools, the team must assemble a usable high lookout. The building must be used to obtain the information that needed to proceed.

The above program packs can be combined and variable on request. For this and for packages designed for larger groups, please request our special offers.

The programs are primarily organized in Szilvásvárad and its region, but some of them can be adapted to other locations.
We can also help you organize and conduct transfers.

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