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The History of the Hotel

In the history of the Castle and the lordship mainly three families took part: the Keglevich, the Erdődy and the Pallavicini family. The count Keglevich family got as a feudality the valuable lordship of Warad in 1666. The construction of the foregoer of the Castle is probably made by Béla Keglevich, and was made according to the plans of Nicholas Ybl.

The Keglevich family owned the Castle until 1894, for almost 230 years. During their ownership were the classical Calvinistic Church, the school, the new count Castle with a lot of buildings of the lordship and the Calvinistic Cemetery built. One of the Church’s honours is the black cover of the communion table that illustrates the cognizance of the Keglevich family, and what was made by Mrs. Gabriel Keglevich (born as Matild Alexander). One member of the Keglevich family, Nicholas (1798-1847) was the daredevil of his time. His fame all over the country was made by his eccentricity and espiegleries.

It is not accidental, as we know it from the notes of Mór Jókai, that John Kárpáthy (One Hungarian Nabob) and count Bálvándy (And yet it moves) were inspired by the count of Szilvásvárad. After this for a short time the Erdődy family occupied the Castle, and later on the margrave Pallavicini family became the owner.

The Pallavicini family renewed the Castle in a neobaroque style and they owned the Castle until 1944. Margrave Alfonz Charles Pallavicini dealt with his lands very carefully, and though he wanted to decide in everything, he loved the woods the most. His favourite one was the woods of Szilvásvárad-Nagyvisnyó where they spent the most of the year, especially the hot months of the summer because of its excellent climate. 

After the second Word War the Castle was nationalized, and for long years it was worked as a so-called SZOT-hostel. The lates serious renovation of the Castle was in 1981 because of the Couchmen World Championship that was organised in Szilvásvárad.

After the change of the regime, the Hotel, as the other „SZOT-hostels” became the part of the Hunguest Hotels, and worked as a 2-starred Hotel until 2005. The considerably raunchy Castle was reconstructed with the help of the Széchenyi Plan by its actual owners, so the Castle awaits for guests in its great magnificence since 2009.

The Castlehotel commemorates of these times in many motifs, not only in its name ( the countess in Italian is La Contessa), but also in the name of the a ‘la carte restaurant, that got its name from the daughter of Alfonz Charles Pallavicini, Elizabeth, and in the name of the most luxurious apartment, that got its name from the establisher of Sándorfalva, the father of Alfonz Charles Pallavicini, margrave Alexander Pallavicini.

Actual Packages

Wellness  Week with full board
Wellness Week with full board
Valid: 01.06.–31.08.2017.(except on holiday seasons) Spend a whole week in the most beautiful castle, in La Contess
Rosé Summer
Rosé Summer
Available: 01.06-31.08.2017.(except on holidays) Summertime with rosé wine in La Contessa Castle Hotel in Szilvásv
Special summer offer
Special summer offer
Valid: 01.06-31.08.2017.(except on holiday seasons) Special summer offer in La Contessa**** Castlehotel in Szilvásv


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