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Outdoors and team-building camps

Thanks to Szilvásvárad's richness in facilities, there are several unique programs for visitors to choose from, which can make the days spent in La Contessa even more delightsome. Here we picked out some outdoor team building programs from the infinite list that Szilvásvárad can offer:

  • Train travel, a small, rentable train to discover the mountain
  • Bicycle and walking tours, with the help of a tour guide if requested
  • Adventure park and bob
  • Adventure Forest: An obstacle course consisting of 13 different elements, 5-6 meters from ground level
    1. Adrenaline course: a difficult cableway system where the team-mates have to help each other in order to succeed
    2. Balance course:  it is all about the right balance.
  • Archery, shooting with different bows to different targets
  • Laser tag: It is a completely safe and painless realistic fight game, where – unlike in paintball – the player don't need to wear protective clothes, there is no pain to feel and it has no harmful effects on the environment. The arms give  light and sound effects when the guns are shot and they hit a target. 
  • GPS wine hunt: According to the number of people on the team, we hide a number superior wines in the surrounding area. We put in the location (coordinates) of the hidden treasure to the GPS devices and it is the groups' turn to find the wines. We provide mineral water, snacks and glass cups during the search.
  • A La Contessa's lost treasure trail: During the treasure hunt the teams will have to solve the mysteries and the tasks together, but it is not that simple, special tricks and misleading incidents make it comlicated. 
  • La Contessa pentathlon: the task is to solve 5 different tests, with the participation of a real team in smaller groups. The joy and unforgettable moments are guaranteed! Laser tag, „poisonous” swamps, team building extreme games, tours by the castle are just some of the programs you can't miss! The tasks are not average, we try our best to shake your team up!
  • Haunted castle: our castle has a little ghost, who always makes the Guest do funny things. To comlete the tasks we will need the participation of all team members, but nothing is compulsory. The task are about singing, dancing and having fun, but they need serious teamwork and coordination. The focus is on cooperation.
  • A lunatic night: In this night adventure, all the mysterious forest's dangers are awaiting the participants and getting ahead is made diffucult by the dark night. Participants can rely on some GPS coordinates, some lighting devices but the most important to succeed is team spirit. This fun-packed mini expedition  offers a non-ordinary adventures but only for night owls! During prior consulting teams can choose if they want the lighter and the extreme version.
  • The secret of Palinka: homeland traditions- To show the cavalcade of the Hungarian fruits, we organize a special interactive Palinka tasting activity. Between tasting the 5 different types of the domestic Palinka, we have games which are sometimes funny, humorous and playful but some of them require great concentration and attention from the teams. At the end, the best team will recieve a unique chocolate.

For more information or individual offers, please contact our colleague:

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Special Autumn Voucher
Special Autumn Voucher
Special autumn voucher of La Contessa Castle Hotel for readers of Nők Lapja magazine! Details in the magazine. {rese
Indian summer
Indian summer
Valid: 28.08.–30.09.2017.(except on holiday seasons) Admire the La Contessa Castlehotel's beautiful park which is t
October 23. in Castle with full board
October 23. in Castle with full board
Valid: 20-23.10.2017. Autumn Holiday in La Contessa Castle Hotel in Szilvásvárad! Have a rest in a special enivronm


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